RED Sushi – refreshing.elegant.delicious

You may not know it but RED Sushi doesn’t simply mean the color red…but it actually stands for refreshing, elegant and delicious. And once you get a taste, you would agree. Freshness is key for a fine sushi restaurant and RED offers fresh seafood with shipments coming in quite frequently. Elegance can be found in their menu and their presentation. They don’t cut corner here and that is why everything here is absolutely delicious. RED – Refreshing, elegant and delicious indeed.


Make it a sushi lunch party, only $10 for two rolls.


Not into sushi? Don’t worry, there’s a ton of other non-sushi dishes you’ll enjoy. Photo of steamed clams (appetizers): sautéed in white wine, garlic, butter, onion, shallots and yuzu.


Shumai: steamed shrimp dumplings


Gyoza: pan seared pork dumplings


My favorite [here at RED, because it’s always so fresh], escolar with a little torch.


Some of the best rolls you can get at RED and nowhere else in Madison, duck tempura and spicy scallop rolls (my most favorites rolls here hands down).


Yellowtail with avocado and green onion…oh so fresh.


Spicy crab. Yes, it’s crab, not crab imitation.


Fried Philly – you can request to fry any roll!


Black miso cod – one bite of this and you won’t be able to go back to any cod.


Sushi chef busy at RED

If you haven’t had RED sushi, you really are missing out. Check them out now.
RED Sushi
(608) 294-1234
106 King Street, Madison, WI 53703

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