Pizza Plus Breakfast Equals Ian’s Pizza Breakfast


That’s right! Ian’s Pizza is launching an egg-citing new idea – pizza for breakfast! Thanks to awesome manager, Trevor for whipping up the idea, Ian’s will be serving you pizza with breakfast ingredients for toppings. How sweet is that?! You’ll find toppings like: eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, green and red peppers, red onions, etc…I pretty much just listed omelet ingredients, but that’s what it actually tastes like – breakfast food. So don’t think nasty cold leftover hangover pizza when you have pizza for breakfast, now you can actually have real breakfast pizza at Ian’s.


toppings 2 toppings

But pizza is not the only thing they have for breakfast. You can also have yogurt parfait and oatmeal. Ian’s Pizza continues with their fresh ingredients, daily prepping starting as early as 5am for breakfast, and sticking with local partners (i.e. yogurt comes from Wisconsin’s Sugar River Dairy, coffee comes from Madison’s Just Coffee). Either create your own parfait and oatmeal and add as many and whatever toppings you like ($0.50/$1.00 per topping), or select from their specials. I had their Pinckney special (photo above). Yup no thinking involved, the only effort is consuming.


Pizaa 2 PIzza  1

Ian’s Pizza Breakfast will begin Saturday 4/18, right on time for Farmers’ Market. So if you’re planning to be awake and downtown, get over to Ian’s Pizza on State Street and grab some breakfast. They’ll be serving breakfast only on Saturdays 7-11am and hope to expand to the rest of the weekend in the future. If you’re not a morning person, no worries, their staff is and their energy alone can make your morning that much better…plus, breakfast pizza!

Ian’s Pizza is offering free pizza for the summer* to the first 50 breakfast customers on 4/18. *Free pizza for the summer is 16 slices (1 slice per week).

Ian’s Pizza on State
(608) 257-9248
100 State Street, Madison, WI

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