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It all started with one dish that was so good lookin’ I had to take a photo and share it through Facebook.

Diablo Shrimp

Diablo Shrimp

Las Cazuelas’ Diablo Shrimp. Unfortunately Las Cazuelas (Madison, WI) is no longer in business, though I will always remember this dish ignited my passion to take food photos and share the amazing dishes restaurants have to offer. As I continued to make mouths water through Facebook posts, I realized I had to share to the rest of the world and created a blog FoodieAlbum.Blogspot.com, the birth of my food baby. Not long after, I met a few good people who recommended a website. One Friday, out of nowhere, my clever website buddies whipped up the recipe and began mah new baybay, GetNMahBelly.com.

GetNMahBelly posts are about going out and trying amazing dishes, unique dishes, and just dang tasty dishes. It’s all about food so good, you don’t care about anything else but to get it in your belly.

About Sarrut

About MeOther than my passion for food, I enjoy traveling. As I search for awesome new dishes, the desire to travel just comes naturally. The cool thing about having a goal to discover delicious food is that it is endless. There will always be something that still needs uncovering and new things arising. I hope to use GetNMahBelly as my food and travel journal and share with you the tasty creations out there.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

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