Twenty-four hours, two connecting flights and one belly full of butterflies, Siem Reap, Cambodia airport got me to forget all those with a simple greeting, “Happy Smiling Day.” I was handed a gift wrapped in leaves. Even though I didn’t know what it was, I was definitely participating in “Happy Smiling Day.”

IMAG0922The gift was sugar cane candy. I knew I was from here, since they first thing they give is something to eat. Cambodia is a land of food. I don’t care what anyone else says, everywhere you go, there’s food. There are restaurants, food markets, and a gazillion street food carts.



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You’re probably wondering what my all time favorite dish I experienced in Cambodia. It’s actually easy for me to say but not too sure if you can experience it. My family in Battambang made one of my favorite dishes my mother makes. This is the one time where it’s better than ma’s. Sorry ma. My auntie made this dish and I still crave it to this day. I tried it in a restaurant, it just wasn’t the same.


It looks like the biggest omlette you’ve ever seen but it’s not an omlette. Created on a wok in stead of a pan, the batter is spread thinly and flipped over when ready. Next the pork mixture gets folded in. This is eaten by hand. Like most Cambodians would say, “it tastes better if you eat it by hand.” You grab a bit of the pork and batter and wrap it with lettuce herbs and cucumbers, dip it in the sauce and enjoy. The best thing I ever had in Cambodia.

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